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Establishing the global standard for corporate management in Japan by fostering CFOs
Amid the increasingly fierce global-scale business competition and the ever-growing uncertainty of management environment surrounding Japanese companies, the trend toward globalization in business accounting and the movements in the capital market that require corporate transparency are demanding Japanese companies for strengthening of corporate governance. The pressing issue for Japanese companies is how the profitability and transparency to the capital market can be increased, and the restructuring of management models that respond to changes in the management environment and social structure, along with the strengthening of risk management functions in globally- expanded corporate management.
To address such challenges, we need to foster CEOs who take the lead in creating management models that respond to the market and society and to establish the global standard of corporate management in Japan.
To accomplish this mission, JACFO has promoted surveys and researches by studying the latest financial and management concepts and techniques from domestic and overseas networks, and built education programs based on the results. We are conducting support activities for strengthening the functions of CFOs, while striving to foster CFOs with sophisticated techniques and sense of ethics in management and finance field.
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